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 The Profile of Our Company

Tunik started its business in electromechanics when it established its first production facility in Şişli in 1965.
In the following years,Mr. Turan KURTCEBE made the facilities in Sefaköy which are at present
continuing the activities for the company, as a part of the company.The courageous decisions relating with the future of our products have provided the main reason for the success of our company today.
Tunik started its production activities first intensified with switchs and conicals. Moreover, the production and distribution of telecommunication items were included into scope of the programme.

The main principle of Tunik production, is to produce the products which are required by the customers by making research and development. The main aim is to find certain and realistic answers to the problems we are faced with. For this reason, the Tunic administration works in harmony with its employers
in planning and computer departments, and technical administration unit.

Designs with special aims require solutions with special aims. The minimodule connectors of Tunic, its product varieties designed in accordance with system and industry standards can be used in a broad application area. Meeting the demands worldwide, requires broad scale of mass production, in addition to the minimum rates of error. For this reason, it is not always enough to use the modern machines. Also showing sensitivity in this issue, Tunik selects its employers among the well-informed, experienced and work-bounded people.

Tunik electromechanics components are designed with the aims for meeting the demands of telecommunication and electronic engineering industries. These items which are very reliable and superior in technical sense, always make excellent connections. The automation of production process has resulted in increase of efficiency and the Tunik engineers are using the latest technology. Tunik products are with the quality that enable to use them at the most diffucult working conditions. The specialization of Tunik in producing the connectors in mass, covers all the required production technics including lathing through
installation process, drilling, injection press, and also production and surface covering, and it utilizes the special automatic control methods. The electronic and telecommunication items need to work continuously. Here is Tunik and so it's being the guarantee of comprehensive quality.




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