European EV Charging Station Manufacturer

The future is old for us. We’ve been producing EV charging stations for 10 years.
VOLTDRIVE – Traditional European EV Charging Station Producer

VOLTDRIVE is a leading Czech manufacturer of charging stations and components for building networks and electromobility.

VOLTDRIVE was founded in 2010 in Prostejov, Czech Republic, where its production facility and technology centre are also located. Since day one, VOLTDRIVE, with its team of experts and developers integrating their experience in ICT, telecommunications and energy engineering, has taken its brand to a leading position that you can see in the references of major companies in the Czech energy market.

VOLTDRIVE, combined with TUNIK’s 57 years of industry experience, is mobilised with electric vehicles and e-Mobility.

Our product range varies from complex solutions for home charging stations to public charging stations with “smart” solutions and operational functions.

All our stations and products fulfil the highest standards in terms of the dynamic development in the field of electromobility. Our products and distribution systems are developed by the best designers and experts in the field of ICT.

VOLTDRIVE also provides complex technology and expertise in the creation of charging infrastructures for municipalities and commercial organisations. Years of experience in the Czech and international markets enables the company to fulfil a wide range of customer requirements. The VOLTDRIVE concept is to provide any technical option required by customers using a variable station internal assembly. This enables charging stations to be equipped with various numbers and types of sockets, various types of control systems and user registration and payment methods, and various communication methods from local to remote online connection. VOLTDRIVE charging stations are made to ensure close co-operation with energy companies, incorporating technologies and processes familiar to energy companies.

VOLTDRIVE continues the tradition of the leading position of Czech brands in the automotive industry. Our charging stations provide the best solution for your investment in a trendy field of electromobility, both as a customer and as a business partner.

As VOLTDRIVE & TUNIK, we will respond to the needs of electric vehicles with the sale of charging stations, technical infrastructure support and the installation and technical training needs of all these systems.  We will provide services to all neighbouring countries, especially TURKEY, about electric vehicle charging stations.

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Our vision is to become the most trusted EV charging brand in Türkiye.

To achieve this, our mission and aim is to supply reliable and high quality EV chargers combined with industry leading customer service.

Home Charging Stations

Everything you expect from a home charging station – speed, convenience and safety

Company Charging Stations

Our charging stations provide an ideal solution for every company. Not only because we offer customized branding, but especially because our products are very convenient and compatible with every electric vehicle.

Public Charging Stations

Durability, functionality, easy use and safety. These are the main requirements which we significantly exceed.


VOLTDRIVE provides a complex range of additional and extending components tailored directly to your needs.

Advantages of VOLTDRIVE Charging Stations


Charging is up to 9 times faster than with an ordinary socket. In the evening, when you come home from work, you simply plug in your car, just like your phone, and whatever electric vehicle you have, it will be fully charged before you leave home next morning.


Our charging stations meet all European standards and parameters and are fully compatible with the standards of electricity suppliers. They will definitely not burn down your house, which can easily happen when you use ordinary three-pin sockets and extension cords.


VOLTDRIVE charging stations enable charging of any electric vehicle with European homologation. You do not have to think about which charging station to choose, and when you buy a new electric vehicle, you will not have to get a new charging station.


We develop our charging stations in collaboration with top designers. After buying a nice electric vehicle, you are going to use a charging station every day and you do not want to look at an ugly box in your garage.


As a direct manufacturer, we guarantee fast service availability, whatever you need help with.